Friday, March 13, 2009

LIVE Blog: Syracuse vs UConn (from the 5th OT on)

We at WCBN have a tradition where any game that goes into five overtimes gets a live blog. So here we are, 12:45 AM in a Holiday Inn Express in Indianapolis live blogging from bed.

When we got back to the hotel at about 10:30 we were planning on watching the Cavs/Suns game. Flipping through the channels, we saw that the Syracuse/UConn game was close with five minutes or so to go in the second half so we decided to watch the end of that and then flip back to LeBron and Co (which had just tipped off).

Well here we are about two hours later still watching UConn/Syracuse as the Cavs/Suns enter the fourth quarter? What are the odds this college game ends before the Cavs?

4:30: Ofensive foul, must mean someone else has fouled out. In another minute or two we're gonna get the waterboys to suit up. Adam Sandler anyone?

3:45: Another offensive fouls...too bad the refs get paid by the game, not by the foul...they'd be raking in the dough this game.

3:15: Flynn's going to have played over 60 minutes by the time this game is over...West Virginia's gotta be sleeping well tonight knowing whoever they play might not wake up by tip-off tomorrow.

2:30: These teams are exhausted. Can we get a mercy timeout?

2:01: ESPN threw up the stat earlier - this is the fourth quadruple OT game this season in the NCAA. Really? Who played the other four

2:00: There goes Devendorf...Syracuse now has two guys in there who hadn't played a minute all night before the OT's started.

1:55: ESPN's crew is making a big deal about a walk-on coming into the game right now for Syracuse. Big Deal! Michigan regularily plays two walk-ons!

1:30: I proposed this back in the third OT before we felt the need to live blog: I say that for games that go to OT, players are allowed one extra foul before fouling out. This way you don't have guys who haven't played all year deciding the Big East Championship.

1:20: We've been watching this so long that Rob's foot's fallen asleep.

1:05: It's been an hour and twenty minutes since Devendorf hit what appeared to be the game winning three. As Rob said, I bet the refs really wished that they had just counted that bucket and ended it.

1:00: Jim Boeheim wins the award for best facial expressions of the NCAA postseason thusfar. It's a surprise that he has any hair left on his head at this point.

0:56: Even the bench players have fouled out at this point. Another OT or two and it's going to be a 3-3 halfcourt game with make-it, take-it.

0:35: He's played two minutes all night but he might have hit a game-winner right there. Who's he? I have no idea. Hagelson? What's a Hagelson?

0:20: Gotta love Johnny Flynn's body language which helped that second free throw rattle it's way home.

0:00: No way. OT #6 here we come! Current debate in room 215 is what exactly one calls a sixth overtime. Sextuple OT, right?

How come everytime this college game goes to a timeout the cavs game is a commercial as well? The Cavs game is going to end before the college game despite starting two hours later!

Syracuse has never led in any of the overtimes. That is astounding.

OT #6
4:45: Finally, Syracuse has their first lead in overtime. Matt's right, this is like a bad pick-up game on one of the CCRB side courts. Matt's making a lot of good points:

  1. Most the starters will be fine and rested for tomorrow since they've been fouled out for the last three or four OT's
  2. It's a good thing Ed Hightower isn't on this game or there wouldn't be anybody left to play on either side
3:20: UConn is just forcing terrible shots, Syracuse has a chance to pull away. Looks like this won't tie the NCAA record of 7 OT's

2:50: Do you think that kid woke up this morning thinking that he'd get his first rebound of the season in a sixth overtime tonight?

2:34: That could be the dagger. Walk-on #11 got stuffed by the rim but stayed with it getting the basket and the foul

2:30: The timer is falling asleep as the clock didn't start for a few seconds after the free-throw.

2:25: Apparently they taught Jay Bilas how to play Sodoku at Duke. He just compared the line score to the game.

1:38: Game time thus far is three hours and twenty minutes. Seven players have fouled out. I think it's just about safe to say that this one is over. I think UConn keeps their #1 seed

1:16: Wow this race is close. 1:16 left in the college game, 1:46 left in the Cavs game. Which will end first? It's going to be close. Matt has the college game, I'm going to go with the Cavs.

0:58: UConn is doing it's best to keep it interesting but Syracuse is going to come away with this well deserved win. They didn't lead until the sixth overtime but they hung tough and hit the clutch shots when they had to. Great college basketball game and great way to start the madness. We'll be back with you tomorrow live blogging Michigan vs Illinois. By the way, the college game finished about a minute and a half before the cavs game ended.


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