Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Sims and Harris 50-50? Don't count on it

I've been slacking on my posting for a few reasons. UM Baseball has kept me pretty busy, while NCAA basketball owned my previous weekend before last. I'm working on a story right now that is some of my best stuff, so look for that in Mid-April as I still need to attend one event before finishing the column. I'm trying to finish a paper right now, so thanks for your patience (again, my apologies) and here is something small to read:

A few days ago, ESPN's Chad Ford put out his newly minted Draft Board for the 2009 NBA Draft. Ford divided up the names into underclassmen who were locks to jump, probables, 50-50 guys, and guys who have already said they are coming back. Manny Harris and DeShawn Sims both made the 50-50 guys.

The deadline to declare isn't for a while, so both these guys have some time. And I'm sure I'll put up another post about in the next few weeks. But I think it'd be a huge mistake to make that jump this year. As I've said before, it'd be the worst move since Randolph Morris decided to jump from Kentucky. This program could make the Sweet Sixteen next year (more on that later), so why ruin both that run and your chances at a first round pick in 2010? Doesn't make sense. But like I said, we got time.

Interesting Notes:
  • Evan Turner says he will be a Buckeye next year: I think this is a solid move. Turner can get to the hoop better than anyone in the Big Ten, and he's solid from 17 ft and closer. One more year, and he is a lotto pick and could be similar to Gerald Henderson this year. If Mullens stays, this is a pre-season top-10 team.
  • Jonny Flynn stays at 'Cuse: I'm not holding my breathe on this pick. Flynn has been flying up draft boards since February, and was projected as a late first rounder this year. If the Orange make the Final Four, or he has a strong showing in the Elite Eight, I think the pull of pro ball would be too great, and Flynn gets drafted at around 14 or 15 in the first round.
  • Vasquez declares: Couldn't figure out if he was declaring for the Euro League or the NBA Draft. This is a terrible move for the junior Terrapin. Good thing he hasn't hired an agent, or else he'd be handing Goran Suton water when both play for Maccabi Tel-Aviv in 2009. Anyways, NBA doesn't have him on the board and neither do I.
OK, time to get back to the paper. Baseball, Basketball, and maybe some Lacrosse by the weekend.


Matt Boyer said...

Update: Mullens has jumped to the NBA. A total wildcard b/c he was a bench player and I really don't know what we are getting here. A mid to late first round pick is my prediction based on potential alone.

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