Friday, May 9, 2008

Bitter Braylon

The Michigan Football program came under fire once again Tuesday, this time from its most prestigious alum in recent history. In an interview with ESPN's Mike Tirico on ESPN Radio Tuesday, Braylon Edwards expressed his displeasure towards Coach Rich Rodriguez's decision to assign the "No.1 Jersey" to incoming freshman J.T. Floyd, a defensive back. Tirico (a frequent visitor to the Ann Arbor area and Michigan sporting events) asked Edwards if he had any comment on the new regime in Ann Arbor, and Edwards took the opportunity in stride. Edwards said he had no problem with Rich Rod as a coach, but was noticeably upset that Rodriguez had disrupted the tradition of the No.1 Jersey being worn by the team's best wideout. This tradition had dated back to the Anthony Carter days, and has been passed on through the years to the likes of David Terrell and Barylon Edwards most recently. Edwards also recently endowed the jersey with a 500,000 dollar scholarship fund, which provides scholarship money to the player currently sporting Braylon's old uniform. Edwards' generosity is the largest scholarship donation made by any former player in program history.

I haven't always been a huge Braylon Edwards fan, but I have to side with him on this one. If I just put down half a million bucks for a rookie to wear the jersey I had to wait two years to wear, I'd be a little steamed, too. The thing that really gets me is the fact that no one said anything to Coach Rod when this happened. Umm Coach? Number 1 is sort of a big deal around here. That was in the first chapter of the assigned reading about Michigan Tradition. Oh, and there is 500 grand attached to it by an All-Pro alum. Just a heads up. I understand he's new, but come on! There had to be SOMEBODY who said something to the guy. All in all, it was not a good week for Coach Rod (Earlier in the week, Charlie "I only recruit trust fund babies" Weiss called out him and the University in anticipation for making excuses for a potentially sub par 2008 season).

Does Braylon have a point? Or should Coach Rod give Bo's Lasting Lessons another read-through?


Tim said...

Tirico isn't a "frequent visitor," he lives here.

Matt Boyer said...

Yeah, a friend of mine at ESPN said she thought he had relocated after 2007, but I guess not. Thanks for the heads up

Anonymous said...

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