Thursday, May 29, 2008

Quick Hits and a National Championship

Couple quick updates on some of the previous articles we have done on Maize and Blog:

The Udoh Saga Continues: A few weeks ago, we posted that Ekpe Udoh had thought about/decided to transfer from U of M because of reported differences with Michigan's style of basketball. To update the situation, Udoh released his choices for transfer schools earlier this week in the Edmond Sun, his hometown paper. Atop the list were local schools (Oklahoma, OSU, Baylor) and mid-majors Wichita State and Missouri State. The article also quoted Udoh expressing his displeasure for Beilein's offensive schemes (You don't say?!). I wouldn't be surprised to see him at OU or Baylor, both local choices which implement a sound post game on offense. Wichita has traditionally been a perimeter oriented team and OSU has a new coach with a new scheme that also would rely on jumpshots, neither a good fit for Udoh.

Simmons watch: I posted a story a few weeks ago about popular ESPN blogger/writer Bill Simmons in which I mentioned Simmons' ongoing battles with ESPN brass and how Simmons had created an alternate site for some of his old material. It wasn't known at the time that he would be posting regularly on this site, but it turns out that he has been regularly posting articles on this site, many of which were pretty well-written and entertaining. Check 'em out.

1st National Title in 4 years!.... OK, so what if it was in Men's Club Lacrosse. Some people might be quick to dismiss their success, but not me. I'll give the LaX team some much deserved credit. This is a team that, despite Bill Martin's repeated refusals to give them varsity status, has accomplished more than some varsity teams have in the past decade. Not only did they manage to win a national title, but they were also able to bring in top varsity talent to compete against during the offseason in order to draw interest and create a local fan base. (Michigan faced off against both Army and Johns Hopkins earlier this year in the Michigan Lacrosse Showcase on Elbel Field). The event drew an estimated 4,000 people. That's more than some Michigan Men's Bball games, regardless of the attendance figures the Athletic Dept. is putting out. Seriously though. Who are they trying fool by saying 10,000 people came to see Illinois and U of M when there are only 5 people sitting in the upper bowl? Congrats to the Men's LaX team and good luck in achieving varsity status next year. I know that's a ticket I'd gladly purchase after this season.

Hope everyone is enjoying the summer. Sorry if the blogging has been light as I know many people have been busy, but we are finishing strong as the Spring season ends. Look for a Mail Bag post by the end of the week.


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I'd vote for him

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