Friday, May 2, 2008

Live Game Blog: Michigan v Ohio State Baseball

Top 9th
And if you had taken the 20-1 odds that Mike Tobin offered against Putnam coming back out for the ninth, you could be fairly well off. Burgoon is ready and wam out in left field as he's just watching Putnam work. Lead off single for Zach Hurley and let's see how long Maloney stays with his starter. Big break for Michigan as Brian Delucia hits a sharp liner that Abraham fields on one hop, goes to second for one and the turn is in time for a double play! OSU down to their last out...and there it is, 4-3 ground out does it for Michigan as Zach Putnam turns in a complete game gem. Michigan a winner over Ohio State 4-1!

Bottom 8th
Cavs are about eight minutes from the second round as their lead is out to twenty. Lebron James has his triple double with 20 pts, 10 rebounds, and 10 assists. It'll be Ryan LaMarre, Chris Berset, and Kevin Cislo to bat for Michigan in the eighth. Tyler Burgoon continues to warm up out in the Michigan bullpen and with Putnam at 120 pitches, it is highly unlikely that he comes back out for a ninth inning of work. Leadoff walk for LaMarre who is promptly picked off when Berset missed a sacrifice bunt attempt. Cislo is now issued a walk so Michigan has a two-out baserunner for Jason Christian. It's De-ja-vu for Michigan as now Cislo gets caught in a pickle and is tagged out as he was caught leaning towards second. Michigan 4 Ohio State 1 after 8.

Top 8th
Putnam back out there in his 8th inning of work despite topping the 100 pitch mark. Putnam gets the first two buckeyes out quickly on groundouts but here comes J.B. Shuck who is 3-3 on the day with three singles. He's been the only Buckeye to figure Putnam out as they've only managed five hits as a team. Wow, make that six hits as a team and a 4-4 day for Shuck. Shuck normally wears number four, but today his uniform has the number seven on it. Lucky number seven I guess, maybe he'll stick with this one from now on. Putnam strikes out Justin Miller on his 120th pitch of the game to end the inning as it's now 4-1 Michigan.

Bottom 7th
Cislo grounds out to 2nd for the first out of the 7th. Jason Christian stays red hot with a single through the right side. Leif Mahler reaches on a bunt single. 2 on for Michigan now with just 1 out. RBI single by Nate Recknagel, runners still on 1st and 2nd with 1 out. The lead is now 3-1 for the Wolverines. Make it 4-1 Michigan after a RBI single from Zach Putnam. Jake Hale is done... he leaves as the losing pitcher of record. RHP Alex Wimmers is the new Ohio State pitcher. Abraham strikes out looking for the 2nd out. Both runners advance on a wild pitch by Wimmers. The inning comes to a close as VanBuskirk strikes out swinging. However, Michigan gets 2 important insurance runs and now has a 3 run lead.

Top 7th
Base hit right back up the middle by Cory Rupert. Rupert gets a great jump and steals second on the first pitch to Dew. Dew grounds out Recknagel at first. Rupert now at 3rd, representing the tying run, with only 1 out. Maloney out to visit with Putnam... No action in the Michigan bullpen. Burkhart hits a flyball to VanBuskirk to left. It's too shallow too score Rupert, who has to stay put at 3rd base. Putnam retires Engle to end the inning. 7th inning stretch time at the Fish, Michigan still up 2-1.

Bottom 6th
VanBuskirk grounds out to Tyler Engle on a nice play for the 1st out of the inning. Hey, Pedro Feliz homered... Phillies now lead the Giants 4-1. Now 2 away as Oaks strikes out looking. Hale strikes out Berset for a 1-2-3 inning. This is an old-fashioned pitcher's duel, 2-1 Michigan leads.

Top 6th
J.B. Shuck with a 1 out single. Shuck now has 3 singles in the game. Shuck with a stolen base and advances to 2nd with 1 out. Excellent defensive play by both Abraham and Recknagel to retire Justin Miller for the 2nd out of the inning. Hurley grounds out to Recknagel to end the inning. 2-1 Michigan after 5 and a half.

Bottom 5th
It'll be Recknagel, Putnam, and Abraham due up for Michigan as Lebron gets T'd up as time expires in the first half. Daniel Gibson got his arms taken out on a three pointer at the end of the half and somehow nobody called a foul. Lebron was less than pleased with the no-call and let the official know it. Putnam walks to give Michigan a baserunner with one out. That didn't last long as Abraham grounds into a 1-6-3 double play. After 5, Michigan 2 Ohio State 1.

Top 5th
Lebron James is working on a triple double as he has 10 points, 7 assists, and 6 boards through one half. Putnam cruising from the mound as he sets down the Buckeyes in order. Heading to the bottom of the 5th, Michigan 2 Ohio State 1.

Bottom 4th
VanBuskirk singles through the left side of the infield for a lead-off base hit. Another base hit, this time by Oaks. Michigan seems to have figured out Jake Hale. 2 on and nobody out for the Wolverines in the 4th. Sacrifice bunt by Berset, runners advance to 2nd and 3rd with 1 out. Hale losing his control as he hits Cislo. The bases are loaded for the Wolverine lead-off hitter, Christian. Christian gives Michigan the lead for the first time with a sac fly to deep left field. Mahler grounds out back to Hale to end the inning. Michigan takes the lead 2-1 after 4.

Top 4th

Putnam retires the first two batters of the inning. Cory Rupert drew a walk on 5 pitches. Dew grounds out to Mahler to end the inning. 1-1 as we make our way to the last of the 4th.

Bottom 3rd

The Wizards are leading the Cavs early in the second quarter as Lebron has found himself on his back a few times already. Deshawn Stevenson threw up a running three-pointer that barely found glass. Who's overrated? Michigan goes 1-2-3, 1-1 after 3.

Top 3rd
Went to get food. Long line. Don't know what happened, but we're still tied 1-1.

Bottom 2nd
Still 1-0 Ohio State as VanBuskirk bats to lead off the 2nd. Vanbuskirk flies out to Dew in right, 1 away. Full count to Alan Oaks. The next pitches misses down low and Oaks draws a 1 out walk. Hale's throw to first is wild and Oaks advances to second. RBI single by Chris Berset into right field. Oaks just beats the throw from the Buckeye right fielder, now tied 1-1. Cislo hits into a fielder's choice and now is at 1st base with 2 outs. Christian works the count and draws a 6 pitch walk. Michigan now with runners on 1st and 2nd with 2 outs for Mahler. Leif fouls out to the shortstop to end the inning. 1-1 after 2.

Top 2nd
Putnam retires Ryan Dew on a nice play by second baseman Leif Mahler. Another ground out for Putnam. This time to Abraham, now 2 outs in the inning. A ground ball to shortstop makes it a 1-2-3 inning.

Bottom 1st
Who needs statracker when you've got us? Leadoff walk for Jason Christian is followed by a beautiful sac bunt that Leif Mahler almost beat out for a hit. Christian scampers over to third on a wild pitch. Nate Recknagel is battling at the plate and has worked his way to a 3-2 count with plenty of foul balls along the way. Recknagel strikes out, so now two down for Putnam to try to help his own cause. Putnam is plunked! Runners on the corners now for Adam Abraham who grounds out to end the inning

Top 1st

With one out, Putnam hit Cory Kovanda and then allowed a single to J.B. Shuck. The next batter Justin Miller drilled a single back up the middle to load the bases. After he gave up that second hit, his girlfriend (who is the only fan in attendance wearing a T-Shirt with "Putnam's Girl" written across the back along with a big #3) got up and moved from her seat in the front row to another about halfway up the stands behind home plate. Zach Hurley gets the lone Buckeye run home as he grounds out to Recknagel at first.

This game is on the Big 10 Network meaning a crowded press box. Thanks to Gene for finding us a phone line at the last minute to get us on the air. We have that on the TV here in the booth, but will be switching over to the Cavs/Wizards game 6 and when that happens this blog may well be the first ever NBA playoff basketball/Big 10 baseball live-game blog

Today we come from the newly renovated Ray Fisher Stadium at the Wilpon Baseball and Softball Complex. Michigan looks to extend its lead in the Big Ten and hand the Ohio State Buckeyes a loss. Zach Putnam, Michigan's All-American takes the mound for the wolverines in game one of this Big Ten series. The weather may be a bit gloomy, but the crowd is filling in and the alumni band is out in force. you can listen live to the game on the WCBN Sports Stream. Stu Zaas, Rob Salaman, and Mike Tobin will be alternating blogging/announcing duties.


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