Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Game 5's: Will A Road Team Please Stand Up? (Continued)

LIVE BLOG: Jazz @ Lakers Game 5- 2nd Half
12:13am: O, Kyle. Interesting pic, to say the least.
12:15am: Quick start to 2nd half for Utah. 4 straight points.
12:16am: Harlan: "Going back to the 2nd quarter, Utah is on a 19-12 run." Not sure that counts.
12:17am: Kirilenko with a nice reverse layup... Utah within 1.
12:18am: I was watching Jack Hanna on Letterman at the half. Good stuff.
12:19am: Nice move by Odom. Remember back to that Heat-Pistons playoff series from a few years ago. Wade was a rookie and Odom was a star. He looks so much more comfortable as the 3rd option for the Lakers.
12:20am: Speaking of Odom, he was hit on the chin and heads to the bench.
12:21am: Don't you like how once a quarter the announcers provide the TV viewer with the national TV schedule?
12:22am: Deron Williams makes 2 free throws to bring the Jazz back within 1.
12:24am: Harlan on a game-tying three by Williams, "Bulls-eye."
12:25am: Kobe posts up and takes Deron Williams to the basket... LA by 2.
12:26am: Great pass, Kobe to Odom, Lakers back up by 4.
12:26am: Ronnie Brewer has been awesome. He elevates high above the rim for the offensive rebound and put back.
12:27am: Timeout inside of 5 minutes in the 3rd quarter. Very good game so far, Lakers 73-Jazz 71.
12:29am: I mentioned about how much I liked the WNBA commercials. Well, I like the NBA playoff commercials with the split faces talking at the same time nearly as much. Having said that, I'm not sure that Derek Fisher should represent the Lakers in it.
12:31am: Kobe has to start to take over more offensively. We'll see if his back holds up. Harlan discussing how he seems to be laboring a bit.
12:33am: Tied at 73 at the 3:21 mark of the 3rd quarter.
12:35am: Turnovers on both ends. Going to commercial on a Dodge Journey ad, Harlan talking about Collins, says: "he drives as fast as a bullet... he drives with one hand... he gets a pizza... he loves Beverly Hills... and he loves a Dodge Journey.
12:39am: An easy dunk for Brewer, who now has 16 pts. LA is now in a 4 minute scoring drought, as the Jazz get within 1.
12:41am: And-1 drive for Kobe, who now has 22 pts and a free throw coming.
12:44am: Kobe draws a charge from Millsap. 2 point Lakers lead in the final minute of the quarter.
12:45am: Price with a layup at the 8 second mark to tie the game. Farmer misses a 3 at the buzzer. After 3, Utah 81-LA Lakers 81. We are instore for quite a 4th quarter.
12:47am: Before the drama of the 4th quarter begins, I digress with a picture of the now former couple of Romo and Jessica. Too bad, I thought it could have worked out for them. O well.
12:50am: Big 3 by Radmonovic to start the 4th quarter.
12:51am: Korver hits a rare 2, Utah within 1.
12:52am: The Lakers are bailed out by a Matt Harpring foul against Luke Walton attempting a fade away jumper as the shot clock wound down.
12:54am: Remarkably, the Jazz have never led.
12:55am: Nice pick-and-roll by LA and an excellent finish by Gasol. Deron Williams responds on the other end.
12:56am: Farmar will go to the line to complete the 3 point play...LA leads by 3.
12:57am: Shane Battier just announced that he will no longer be a candidate for the US Olympic team this summer. How was he a candidate to begin with?
12:59am: Kobe has been on the bench for the entire 4th quarter thus far. Lakers up by 2.
1:00am: We're now passed the 5 hour mark of live blogging. My fingers are beginning to tire some. Only 8 minutes left... in regulation.
1:01am: Nice slam by Odom off a feed by Kobe, who just checked back into the game.
1:02am: Terrible foul call by Tommy Washington on Kirilenko against a falling Sasha. Jazz are now into the penalty at the 6:53 mark of the 4th.
1:04am: Gasol reminds me of Chris Webber as a passer. Great feed to Lamar who slams it home and is fouled. Odom makes the foul shot and the Lakers lead by 6.
1:05am: The Jazz committ their postseason high 19th turnover. Timeout on the floor with 6:01 to play in the 4th... 97-91 LA.
1:08am: Upcoming NBA Playoffs schedule- Hornets @ Spurs Game 6 is tomorrow night at 9pm on ESPN. Game 6's of Boston-Cleveland and LA-Utah are Friday night at 8:00 and 10:30, respectively, on ESPN.
1:09am: Jazz now down by 4 after 2 free throws by Okur.
1:11am: Both teams now into the penalty. Boozer to shoot two at the line. He misses the first, makes the second... 3 point game.
1:12am: A lot of fouls in the 4th quarter... Harlan and Collins discussing the importance of free throws down the stretch.
1:13am: Neither team has scored in the last minute. Fisher and Sasha missed 3's for the Lakers and Kirilenko missed a 3 for the Jazz. Timeout on the Floor... 5 point LA lead.
1:17am: Collins on what the Jazz should do: "put the ball in the hands of Deron Williams."
1:18am: Boozer scores off a pass from Williams, 3 point game with 2:43 left.
1:19am: Silly foul by the Jazz on Fisher far away from the basket. Fisher makes both FT's.
1:19am: Sasha picks up a terrible technical foul for yapping with Korver. Collins describes Sasha as "when you're the self-proclaimed machine, you better to come through here."
1:20am: Huge 3 by Deron Williams, just a 1 point game.
1:20am: Dunk by Odom, who now has 22 and 10. LA by 3 with 90 seconds left.
1:21am: Okur with an offensive rebound off of a Deron Williams missed 2, back to a 1 point game.
1:21am: Pau scores down low on the other end... back and forth we go.
1:22am: Quick shot by the Jazz and a missed 3 by Okur.
1:22am: Missed 3 by Sasha, but an offensive rebound and slam by PAU!!! Lakers up by 5, with just 20 seconds left.
1:24am: Matt: "no comments from ssreporters? guess 4 hours of straight hours of following our blog was his limit." I guess so, though he easily broke the comments record for our site tonight.
1:25am: Jazz miss a shot and Fisher is fouled. Derek makes 1 of 2 and the Lakers lead by 6 with 15.5 seconds left.
1:26am: It is certainly looking like no road team will have stood up by night's end. Road teams will fall to 1-19 in the 2nd round. Unbelievable.
1:27am: Boozer hits a baseline jumper to bring the Jazz within 4.
1:28am: Just 3 seconds left, the Lakers lead by 6 and Kobe is fouled.
1:29am: Final score: LA 111-Utah 104. The Lakers now lead the series 3 games to 2. Game 6 will be at 10:30pm on ESPN Friday night.
1:30am: Ok, time to go to sleep. I enjoyed the marathon blogging tonight. I probably will blog the much briefer NBA Draft Lottery next Tuesday night at 8:00. Programming note: You can listen to our coverage of Michigan baseball over the next four days against Northwestern. Rushi Vyas, Andrew Seid, and Rob Salaman will have the call of game one of the series tomorrow night starting at 6:30pm. Talk to you then. Good night!

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No comments from ssreporters? guess 4 hours of straight hours of following our blog was his limit.