Sunday, May 4, 2008

Not His Best Stuff

I'm sitting here watching ESPN Sunday Night Baseball, and I am stunned at some of the statements made by color commentator Joe Morgan. Normally Joe does a decent job in these games (he has won an Emmy for his work), but he is off his game today. Since I have nothing better to do I have decided to list them. I will probably be updating these throughout the game.

As ESPN shows Todd Wellemeyer's stats, which include 36 k in 37 IP
"He [Wellemeyer] doesn't strike out a lot of hitters"

Right after Wellemeyer throws a 94 mph fastball and before he throws a 96 mph fastball
"He's not a hard thrower"

After Jason Marquis throws an 83 mph slider
"It didn't look like his fastball"


The Real Kevinator said...

Joe Morgan is not good and never has been good.

Michael Tobin said...

He just commented about how Fukodome's former manager punched guys in the face when they weren't doing well. Not sure if I agree with that managerial style.

Anthony S said...

Joe Morgan is a moron. He makes watching baseball on ESPN unbearable and he should be fired.

Anonymous said...

The best thing Joe Morgan has done... is inspire my favorite blog, Fire Joe Morgan.