Tuesday, May 27, 2008

A Break from Sports

So I returned from Israel earlier this week, to meet my two new housemates who are subletting in my house for the summer. We'll call them John and Jane. Here are my first conversations with both of them:

Stu: So, what brings you from Wisconsin to Ann Arbor for the summer?
Jane: Oh, I'm working at the Botanical Gardnes
S: How'd you find that?
J: The internet
S: Oh, and how'd you find this house to live in all the way in Wisconsin?
J: The internet. But I swear, I really don't like the internet that much. Oh, by the way, my boyfriend flies in from Australia tomorrow night, he's going to be living with us for a month.
S: Oh, thats cool, how long was he in Australia?
J: No, he lives there
S: So how'd you meet him
J: The internet....

I'm pretty sure this is the first time they've met in person

A few days later I meet the other guy who I'm living with and I give him and his girlfriend an Israeli chocolate bar that I brought back from Israel

John: Wow, they speak a different language in Israel?
Stu: Yea...
J: What language do they speak there?
S: Hebrew...
J: Oh
J's Girlfriend: I better save the wrapper then

So that is my current housing situation.


Anonymous said...

Oy Vey

Andrew said...

do either of them know you have a blog and are writing about them??? lol...

Matt Boyer said...

They probably do know about it, seeing how much they love the Internet. I'm sure they've trie to find Stu on the Web.

Anonymous said...

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