Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Game 5's: Will A Road Team Please Stand Up? (CONTINUED)

LIVE BLOG: Jazz @ Lakers Game 5- 1st Half
10:50pm: 8-4 Lakers lead just over 3 minutes into the game.
10:52pm: A nice picture of Phil Jackson and Jeannie Buss.
10:53pm: Brewer with 3 dunks already, 11-8 LA.
10:54pm: Harlan and Collins on the call for TNT. Hopefully, Harlan has another great call like he had for Lebron's dunk in Game 4.
10:55pm: Vladamir hits a shot for the Lakers... 15-8 LA as we head to commercials. Collins lets us know that the Jazz already have 5 turnovers.
10:57pm: Again, I have to reiterate just how great those WNBA commercials are. What a great idea to call out the problems in your own league.
11:00pm: Interesting, I read today that the Jazz were worried about their attendance at Game 4 on Sunday. With the practices of the Mormon faith and their large presence in Salt Lake, Utah thought the might not fill half the arena. Luckily, they were wrong.
11:02pm: Ronnie Brewer with a game high 10 points. Yet, the Lakers lead 19-12.
11:03pm: Kirilenko hits a jumper. Utah within 3.
11:04pm: Quick response by LA with a Radmanovic 3.
11:05pm: Another Vladamir three pointer. Lakers up by 9.
11:06pm: Timeout taken by LA. Great start for the Lakers, as they lead by 7 with 2:52 to play in the 1st quarter.
11:08pm: If you're into the hockey, Dallas avoided the sweep tonight. They beat Detroit 3-1. I'm hoping Game 5 on NBC Saturday goes into overtime, so all the hockey purists can complain about the game shifting to Versus to give way to the Preakness. To me, it's a simple decision for NBC: air a hockey game that barely records a 1.0 rating or the pre-race festivities of the Triple Crown Race that will do more than a 7.0 rating.
11:10pm: I still maintain that when Kyle Korver is on the floor it's a negative for your team. Good job by Eddie Stefanski trading him away from the Sixers.
11:12pm: Korver hits a big 3 to silence me... Jazz down 27-23.
11:13pm: Boozer has only taken 2 shots so far. Wake up, Carlos.
11:14pm: Sloppy 1st quarter, 12 combined turnovers.
11:15pm: Boozer fouled on the way up right at the end of the 1st quarter.
11:17pm: After 1, 29-26 LA. Nice comeback by the Jazz. I got a feeling that this game will go down to the last few minutes of the 4th quarter.

11:19pm: Picture of the Mormon fans at the Delta... no the Energy Solutions Arena in Salt Lake. Creative
11:21pm: Hey, ssreporters is sticking with us, stating "gosh this PA announcer for the Lakers is soooooooo boring." I haven't noticed, to be perfectly honest.
11:22pm: Aldridge and Jerry Sloan. Can I get that minute of my life back?
11:23pm: Too many turnovers for Utah... they already have 9 tonight.
11:24pm: Collins going crazy, "uh oh" over one made Farmar three pointer.
11:25pm: Man, how good would the Lakers be if Bynum were healthy?
11:26pm: Deron Williams hits a jumper. Utah is hanging around, only down by 3.
11:27pm: Millsap just picked up his third foul. 36-33 Lakers, inside 9 minutes 2nd quarter.
11:29pm: How much do you think Jacksonville State is paying Ryan Perrilloux to play quarterback? More than USC paid OJ Mayo?
11:30pm: It turns out the last foul was on Korver, not Millsap... Paul still with 2 fouls.
11:33pm: Collins make a good point on where the Jazz are starting their offense from, extremely far away from the basket.
11:34pm: Sasha hits a triple and the Lakers lead by 10. Make it 8 after a Boozer layup.
11:36pm: 45-35 LA, Collins: "The Lakers are getting into the lane at will." I agree... this is looking like a blowout, come the second half.
11:40pm: Harlan and Collins discussing the 'throttle' nickname they have given to Deron Williams.
11:41pm: That Kobe and Pau pick-and-roll is so tough to stop.
11:42pm: My friend that was studying in Barcelona last semester said that on the local newscast, Lakers highlights are usually shown in the first ten minutes. 95% of the highlights are Pau-related.
11:44pm: Okur hits a difficult 3. Wouldn't the Pistons like to have him back?
11:45pm: Miles with an awesome dunk for the Jazz. Nice call by Harlan, saying that Miles "drops the sledgehammer."
11:48pm: I just found the American Idol results. Syesha Mercado voted off and next week it'll be a David Cook-David Archuleta finale.
11:49pm: Utah creeping closer, down by 5 with the ball.
11:50pm: What a feed from Bryant to Gasol running the floor. 55-50 Lakers lead with a minute left in the half.
11:52pm: Kobe with 13 pts now after a steal and layup on the other end.
11:53pm: Harlan says The Closer is the #1 cable series of all time and that "it is not very funny."
11:54pm: Entertaining 1st half. LA 61- Utah 54. Pau and Kobe combined for 28 pts. Back with the second half in a new blog at 12:10am.

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Gosh this PA announcer for the Lakers is soooooooo boring.