Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Game 5's: Will A Road Team Please Stand Up?

I enjoyed live blogging Game 6 of the Pistons-Sixers series last week. So, I'll be back at it tonight with two pivotal Game 5's, Celtics-Cavs at 8pm and Lakers-Jazz at 10:30pm. Just a hunch, but I think Lebron may have a Game 5 performance like last year up his sleeve tonight. Also, Avery Johnson will be a guest in the TNT studio. The 5+ hour live blogging marathon begins at 8:00. Talk to you then.
Predictions: Cleveland (+8) and LA Lakers (-8.5).
LIVE BLOG: Cavs @ Celtics Game 5- 1ST HALF
8:00pm: Ok, top of the hour and ready to go. I'm very much looking forward to these two games. Two big news items prior to tipoff: 1-Kobe is expected to play despite the back injury and 2-Edwards endorsed Obama...finally. Alright, time for basketball.
8:01pm: Excellent intro video tease by Ernie Johnson of TNT.
8:02pm: Dick Stockton and Mike Fratello on hand at the Garden for the call on TNT. I can't help to think back when a much younger Stockton, alongside Hubie Brown, called the Celtics-Lakers NBA Finals games of the 1980s at the old Boston Garden for CBS.
8:03pm: Celtics win the opening tip. Shot clock violation for the C's right out of the gate.
8:04pm: I happen to disagree with Rushi's statement on the Pistons in the above post that they "are the team to beat, not only in the east." I'd take the Lakers and Spurs against them in the Finals.
8:05pm: What a start. The Cavs out-do the Celtics with a missed technical free throw for a defensive 3 and then a shot clock violation.
8:06pm: Lebron makes his 1st shot. I'm telling you...he's due for a huge game.
8:09pm: Wally nails a 3 pointer. Great start for the Cavs, they lead 7-2.
8:10pm: Rondo shoots too much...turnover by the Cavs, now 4 and a half minutes into the game.
8:12pm: Good end-to-end action. Pierce hits a 3 for Boston and then Lebron gets a steal and gets a conventional three point play.
8:13pm: Ray Allen with 2 fouls at the 6:17 mark of the 1st quarter.
8:15pm: 1st TV timeout of the game. Excellent start for Cleveland... leading by 3. Lebron with 7 points early.
8:17pm: I have a free minute to talk about the lack of success of road teams in these playoffs. 1-17 this round. I'm not sure if I've heard a great reason why. At least, no one can argue next year that the NBA regular season doesn't matter.
8:20pm: Fratello: "2 parts to the shot, one is getting there and the other is finishing the shot."
8:21pm: So far, Skip Bayless is right... Kevin Garnett is really Kevin 'Gar-not'.
8:22pm: Lebron is driving it to the basket at ease. James with 11 early as the Cavs lead 16-9.
8:26pm: ssreporters: "Sasha" Stockton is up there in years. I remember when he called the Eagles-Falcons playoff game a few years ago and called the Philadelphia Eagles, the Philadelphia 76ers.
8:28pm: Terrible pass by Lebron, easily stolen by Rando. Nice run by Boston to get within 3.
8:29pm: Good call on the block against Varejao, Pierce at the line to complete the 3 point play.
8:30pm: Huge 1st quarter for Wally, now with 8 pts.
8:31pm: Cle 23-Bos 18 after 1. Stockton: "It looks like King James has emerged as a scoring threat." You think.
8:32pm: ssreporters: "Me thinks Cleveland's 50 turnovers in a quarter will bite them in the 4th....again." Wouldn't suprise me. I got a funny feeling though Lebron will pull it out in the 4th.
8:35pm: As usual, I learned nothing from the Cheryl Miller interview with Doc Rivers.
8:36pm: Sam Cassell in the game. Fratello might put Eddie House in the game for Cassell. Wow, maybe Sam really should retire.
8:37pm: Good point by the Czar on Lebron guarding Cassell.
8:38pm: O, what a move by Lebron. Then, he forces a turnover on the other end. 27-20 Cavs...Lebron has 15.
8:39pm: Stockton: "Sam Cassell is 0-12 in the last 3 games."
8:40pm: Joe Smith with a bucket, Cavs up by 9. Remember when Smith was the #1 pick from Maryland. Man, that's a long time ago.
8:41pm: Stockton going into the commercial: "Where did Lebron James go? He left the court." Huh?
8:43pm: ssreporters, you may set the comments record for our site. I agree, it's only a matter of time before Stockton says, "And James goes in for the touchdown!"
8:44pm: Dick and the Czar talking about the Cavs past uniforms and stadium seat colors. Good times.
8:45pm: Boston does realize it can't win on the road. Their now down double digits.
8:47pm: I would start booing. This is getting ugly.
8:49pm: Ray Allen hits a 3... the Garden crowd into the game for the first time tonight. 8 point game as the Cavs call time.
8:53pm: A nice pic of Sam Cassell.
8:54pm: Garnett gets the bounce off the rim, now a 6 point game.
8:55pm: Make it 8 after Lebron drives to the bucket for 2.
8:56pm: Fratello on James: "the best open field runner in Cleveland since Jim Brown."
8:59pm: Rando hits two 3's in a row. Boston within 6.
9:02pm: Quick check of the Phils, down 8-4 to the Braves after 6. What happened to Brett Myers?
9:04pm: Game status-Lebron has 23 pts, 43-39 Cavs with 1:33 left in the half.
9:05pm: Huge 3 from Delonte West. Garnett hits a shot on the other end for Boston.
9:06pm: Doc calls a 20 second TO. I'm sure he'll draw up a great play.
9:08pm: Well, I was wrong on that one. Nice shot by Pierce. C's have to feel pretty happy to only be down 46-43 at the half. Boston ended the half on 14-3 run.
9:09pm: Lebron with 23 pts in the 1st two quarters. Enjoy Avery Johnson at the half. I'll be back with a fresh blog in 15 for the second half.


ssreporters said...

Dick Stockton...ugh.


You do know that if Cleveland wins this game the series is over?

And I'm not a diehard Cavs fan.

ssreporters said...

LeBron may kill Boston...

Ilgauskas really does nothing besides shoot from the outside...

Boston looks horrible.

ssreporters said...

Hey look, Rachel Nichols!

Anyways....Cleveland has to stop using the full :24, move it around, let LeBron at least try to go to the basket.

ssreporters said...

Saying Skip Bayless was right? For shame....

Even if he is right, don't say he is.

ssreporters said...

Me thinks Cleveland's 50 turnovers in a quarter will bite them in the 4th....again.

ssreporters said...

I'm just waiting for Stockton to call a James breakaway dunk:

"And James goes in for the touchdown!"

ssreporters said...

If Varejao is doing something competent offensively then Boston could be in for a long night.

Anonymous said...

E.T (AKA Sam Cassell) should quit whining.

ssreporters said...

"Perkins and Joe Smith, banging at the top." - Dick Stockton

Coming from a guy named Dick....that's nice to know.

Someone forgot to tell Cleveland to stop using all :24 during an offensive possession.

ssreporters said...

I know Cleveland, throwing the game away is just so fun.

ssreporters said...

Thank you Cleveland for throwing away the game...