Tuesday, May 20, 2008

NBA Draft Lottery Live Blog

The blogging begins at around 8:00pm tonight. Here are the odds for the 14 lottery teams of getting the #1 pick:
-Golden State: 5/1000 (.05%)
-Portland: 6/1000 (.06%)
-Sacramento: 7/1000 (.07%)
-Indiana: 8/1000 (.08%)
-New Jersey: 11/1000 (1.1%)
-Chicago: 17/1000 (1.7%)
-Charlotte: 28/1000 (2.8%)
-Milwaukee: 43/1000 (4.3%)
-LA Clippers: 75/1000 (7.5%)
-NY Knicks: 76/1000 (7.6%)
-Memphis: 137/1000 (13.7%)
-Minnesota: 138/1000 (13.8%)
-Seattle/Oklahoma City: 199/1000 (19.9%)
-Miami: 250/1000 (25%)

8:00: Alright, ready to go. A few historical notes first- (1): Just 4 teams with the best percentage chance of winning the lottery having actually won the lottery. Not good news for the Heat. (2): The team with the second greatest probability of recieving the #1 pick has only been awarded it twice. Bad news for the Seattle (soon to be Oklahoma City) Sonics.
8:01: Jay Z in the house representing the Nets in Secaucus, New Jersey. Nice to see Jay Bilas again. I wonder what he's been up to since the Final Four. O yeah, he took part in this memorable interview with Dan Le Batard... http://ballhype.com/video/dan_le_batard_vs_jay_bilas/
8:02: Ok, predictions time. #3 pick-Minnesota, #2 pick-NY Knicks, #1 pick-Memphis. Won't it be fun to listen to the debate over whether the Grizz should take Beasley or Rose? Rose is the home-town product, but plays the same position as Mike Conley Jr, who Memphis took last year. Doesn't that remind of you the Houston Texans supposed Vince Young-Reggie Bush debate? O yeah, they took neither.
8:03: Mark Jones of ESPN just rubs me the wrong way. He described the lottery as "seducing lady luck" and the anticipation as "tangible." Is that even possible?
8:04: Bilas breaking down Rose and Beasley. Jay compares Beasley to Derrick Coleman. Is that supposed to be a good thing?
8:05: Russell Westbrook is #10 on Jay Bilas' top available players. I think he'll be a superstar in a few years.
8:06: Doris Burke is interviewing Jay-Z. He calls himself an "investor" with the team. Jay Z tells us that he loves OJ Mayo. We go to commercial.
8:07: By the way, Hillary won by alomst 30 points in Kentucky. Results from Oregon expected at 11pm tonight.
8:08: ESPN piece on Margie Parilo, a fan of the Sacramento Kings, who will represent the team tonight at the the lottery. Her grandmother had a ticket to sail the Titanic, but missed the boat.
8:10: Off to Breenie, Van Gundy, and Mark (I'm not the Knicks coach) Jackson to preview Game 1 of the Eastern Finals.
8:11: 4 out of the 9 voters on the blog believe the Knicks will the Lottery. Let the conspiracy theories begin.
8:13: Ok, the envelopes to open after the break.
8:17: Let's meet the team representatives: Mitch Richmond (GS), Larry Miller (POR), Margie Parillo (SAC), Jay Z (NJ), Stan Schanwald (CHI), Rod Higgens (CHA), John Hammons (MIL), Mike Dunleavy (LAC), Mike D'Antoni (NYK), Rudy Gay (MEM), Fred Hoiberg (MIN), Kevin Durant (SEA) and Dwayne Wade (MIA).
8:18: Adam Silver of the NBA to give the results. Pick #14 to Golden State
8:18: The 13th pick to Portland. #12 to Sacramento. No suprises yet.
8:18: #11 to the Pacers. The 10th pick goes to the NJ Nets.
8:19: #9 to the Charlotte Bobcats. BULLS into TOP 3. Wow, what a move. They only had a 1.7% chance of getting the #1 pick.
8:19: #8 to the Bucks.
8:19:The 7th pick to the LA Clippers.
8:20: Pick #6 belongs to the NY Knicks. No conspiracy theories this year.
8:20: Pick #5 goes to Memphis. Oops, my prediction was wrong.
8:21: The 4th pick goes to the Seattle/Oklahoma City Sonics.
8:21: The Miami Heat, Minnesota T'Wolves, and Chicago Bulls remain. Off we go to commercial.
8:24: Top 3 picks. The 3rd pick will be made by Minnesota. Bulls still alive.
8:24: 2nd pick goes to the Miami Heat. WOW!!!
8:24: The #1 pick goes to the Chicago Bulls.
8:25: Season ticket phone number given out by the Bulls rep.
8:26: Well, that was unexpected. I guess the Bulls take Beasley with Hinrich already at the point. Yet, Rose is from Chicago, so who knows?
8:27: Mark Jones sends it to Boston with Stu Scott, Jon Barry, Mike Wilbon, and Avery Johnson. Man, doesn't Avery wish he took that Bulls job now?
8:29: Alright, that's it for tonight. Again, the Bulls had a 1.7% chance of winning the lottery. Unbelievable! It looks like the young Bulls are about to get younger. Add Beasley or Rose to Hinrich, Gordon, Deng, Thomas, and Noah. Now, that's a pretty good young core. I assume the Heat will take either Beasley or Rose, whoever is left with the #2 pick. Add him to Wade and Marion and they are probably a playoff team in the East next year. Good night!


Matt Boyer said...

Russell Westbrook is the next Keyon Dooling and the Heat won't make the playoffs next year. All potential free agency moves aside, I think a Beasley or Rose can't help that franchise get to the playoffs their first season.

Looking forward to Game 1 of the West Finals tonight (Lakers in Six). You live blogging this one, Rob?

Rob S said...

Not live-blogging tonight, I have less important things to do.