Thursday, May 1, 2008

Sixers-Pistons Game 6 2ND HALF

A fresh blog for the 2nd half. Here's a picture of Dwayne and Star. Nice looking couple. Dwayne said they were "good friends, that's all." Chuck with the best line of the half, saying there was now a new meaning to 'Big Brown' (Kentucky Derby favorite and Star). Ok, back to basketball.

9:29- Matt: "If the Phillies win the Series this year, can we get you to sport the Dalembert 'hawk, and have "RS" on one/both sides of the head?" Yes, I'm in. I'll tell you what, if the Sixers come back and win this series I'll get the mohawk Sunday.
9:31- Evans starting. Flip at the half with tough words "we are going back to Detroit and they are not invited." Wow.
9:34- Uninspiring start to the 2nd half. Largest lead of the game at 23.
9:35- Good news: Ryan Howard homered, 3-2 Phils in the 8th.
9:38- Why does Iguodala only start to take over a game when his team is down 21? Missed another free throw... I think Memphis would win a free throw shooting contest.
9:43- 64-43 Pistons. Looks like I can get ready for the Draft.
9:45- Kentucky Derby predictions: Win-Pyro, Place-Big Brown, Show-Smooth Air
9:47- McDyess forgot his mask on the bench. Not the brightest guy.
9:49- Phillies win. Thank god.
9:50- Wesley Snipes, mohawk and Samuel Dalembert references. Harlan and Collins running out of things to talk about. 4th quarter should be fun.
9:53- McDyess continuing to struggle with his mask. It falls off and he throws it to the bench. Pistons up 24.
9:55- Check out the video of Mike Golic eating wings this morning. He actually put up a good fight.
9:58- Doug Collins drafted Theo Ratliff. That's why he is now calling games.
10:00- Head for the parking lot. 79-51 Pistons lead after 3.
10:05- Ok, I've gone to get heavenly help.
10:07- 31 point lead.
10:10- Harlan thinks Cavs-Wizards are Game 7 bound. I disagree.
10:11- Harlan: "Kevin Ollie is the model of perseverance."
10:15- Collins reminiscing about coming to the Sixers after a 9-73 season. I guess it could be worse.
10:17- Over/under 30 point win. It's at 32 now. I'm taking the over.
10:19- Harlan: "You've got to be a die hard to be in here now."
10:20- 94-65 Pistons, less than 6 minutes.
10:23- NBA predictions: Cavs, Jazz, and Celtics win in 6. Hopefully, the second round is better. Cavs-Celtics, Pistons-Magic, Lakers-Jazz, and Spurs-Hornets.
10:27- Kevin Ollie scored. Down 25.
10:29- Fun two and a half hours. Good season guys.
10:30- Pistons advance 4-2. Final score 100-77.
10:30- Enjoyed the blogging. Programming reminder: listen to our coverage of the Michigan-Ohio State baseball game at 6:30 tomorrow night on the WCBN sports stream. Talk to you then.


Jeremy Kreisberg said...

haha great messiah image. sorry man, i was pullin for ya.

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